We specialise in buttercream cakes and do not cover our cakes with fondant or royal icing. 

Congratulations on your
upcoming wedding!

At Little House Kitchen, we specialise in semi-naked and fully covered buttercream wedding cakes.


We believe that your wedding cake should reflect your personality and tie in with the style of your wedding day. We take into account your colour scheme, flower selection, theme and location to create a bespoke and unique cake for the Bride and Groom. 

Three Tier White Buttercream Wedding Cake


Prices include floral and or fruit decoration.

Cake toppers and any other type of non-edible/edible decoration will incur an extra charge. 

Floral Arrangement 3


One Tier Cake - Price on request*

Two Tier Cake - From £200.00

Three Tier Cake - From £250.00

Floral Arrangement 3


One Tier Cake - Price on request*

Two Tier Cake - From £295.00

Three Tier Cake - From £350.00

Floral Arrangement 3


All of the following decorations will incur extra charges: 

  • ​Non Edible Toppers

  • Macarons

  • Fondant Figures

  • Gold Leaf 

Delivery will be charged at 0.50p per mile round trip plus set up costs. These will be added onto the final cost of the cake.


The cake size is determined by the number of guests you will need it to serve. If you would like your cake to be served as part of the dessert course during the wedding breakfast please refer to the dessert portion guide. If you plan to have the cake during the evening then please refer to the finger portion guide. 

As a general rule 10-20% of your guests will likely not eat the cake and so you can usually afford to go a bit smaller in terms of servings. 

Cake Size

Finger Portions

1 x 1"

Dessert Portions

1 x 2"

4"                                                      12                                6       

6"                                                     24                               12

7"                                                      32                              16

8"                                                      48                              24

9"                                                      62                              32

10"                                                    76                              38


Each tier can be a different flavour or you can have just one. 



Strawberry & Vanilla 

Strawberry & Chocolate 

Red Velvet 

Lemon & Poppy seed

White Chocolate & Raspberry

Raspberry Ripple 

Passion fruit 

Carrot Cake 

Victoria Sponge 

Coffee & Walnut 

Salted Caramel  

Chocolate & Peanut Butter 


Lime & Pistachio 


Semi Naked Wedding Cake